Depart______________________                  Time _____________________Z


Arrive______________________                   Time _____________________Z




Nome Radio (123.6) N______ Departed    Nome______Z        Estimate BATNI ________Z


Nome Radio/Tin City (122.6) N_____________  Estimating BATNI_________________Z


15 minute before: Lavrenciya Tower (131.1) N__________FL 1500 mtr. Est BATNI __________Z


Lav Tower: N___________ BATNI _________Z  FL 1500 mtr    Est KILAK ___________Z


Lav Tower: N___________ KILAK _________Z  FL 1200 mtr    Est LA _______________Z


Lav Tower: N___________ LA  _________Z        FL 1200 mtr    Est KADAT ___________Z


Lav Tower: N___________ KADAT _________Z  FL   1200 mtr   Est NALID ___________Z


Lav Tower: N___________ NALID _________Z  FL   1200 mtr    Est MONUD ___________Z


Prov Tower (119.3) N__________ MONUD________Z  FL 1200 mtr      Est BC____________Z



Prov Tower (119.3)                   Request clearance to start


Prov Tower N______­­­­­­_____ Dep Prov __________Z   Clmbg to FL 1200 mtr   Est NALID _________Z


Prov Tower N____________ MONUD _________Z FL 1200    Est NALID ____________Z


Prov Tower N____________ NALID __________Z  FL 1200 Mtr        Est KADAT ___________Z


Lav Tower (131.1) N__________ NALID __________Z   FL 1200 Mtr      Est KADAT ___________Z


Lav Tower N_____________   KADAT ___________Z    FL 1200 Mtr    Est LA ___________Z


Lav Tower N__________ LA ____________Z     FL 1200 mtr                 Est KILAK ____________Z


Nome Radio (122.6) N_____________ FL 4500 ft     Est BATNI __________Z  Req Squawk Code


Lav Tower N______________ KILAK__________Z FL 1500 mtr   Est BATNI____________Z


Nome Radio N____________  BATNI__________Z FL 4500ft  Est Nome_____________Z

Squawking_________ Please Inform Customs Nome, Req Wx TNC/OME


Nome Radio (123.6/122.2  N__________ 10 miles out     Request traffic information


Nome Radio: N______________ Landed Nome___________Z       Close Flight Plan


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