25                    Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum Hall of Fame, Sheraton Anchorage Hotel.  Call 248-5325 for more information.     


2-4                    Alaska Airmen Board of Director's Strategic Planning Meeting, Land's End, Homer.

13-17                2007 Alaska Air Carriers Convention, at the Hotel Captain Cook.  The Trade Show in the Discovery Ballroom will be open to all Alaska Airmen’s Association members FREE OF CHARGE Fri., February 16th, from 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm.  Click HERE for the conference schedule.

17                    "Pilots of the Caribbean- Captain Ball," - Alaska  Air Carriers 41st Annual Convention.   

17                     EAA Chapter 1129 ANNUAL BANQUET- Fairbanks Pike's Waterfront Lodge, Guest Speaker - Addison Pemberton, Spokane

24-25              Northwest Aviation Conference - New Exhibition & Conference Center, Blue Gate, Western WA Fairgrounds, Puyallup WA


21                    "Safety Seminar - Collision Avoidance" - Alaska Aviation Safety Foundation, Ma-Su Telephone Association, 480 Commercial Drive, Palmer - 7-9pm  Refreshments, Call 243-7237 for more information.

21                     April/May Transponder Deadline - Submit your FREE member classifieds to .


9-20                Red Flag Alaska Major Exercise - SUAIS information is available at www.elmendorf.af.mil. 

12                    Northern Alaska Airmen's Assoc. Membership Meeting, - Airmen's Office, 5:30pm- 7:30pm.   Renew membership, check out new AAA jackets, plan for summer Fly-Ins, purchase raffle tickets or turn in ticket stubs, future Fly-Ins to Galena, seminars or mini workshops (i.e. GPS), and to all strive together to make annual events very lively.  Call 479-9500 for more information.

14                  22nd Annual Seaplane Safety Seminar / BBQ - OAS Hangar, Lake Hood - 8:30am - 4:30pm.

26                  Fairbanks International Airport General Aviation Association (FIA-GAA),  7-9 PM, Civil Air Patrol hangar. A proactive airport user group!  All interested airport users, i.e.  Fairbanks and Chena Marina are invited to attend.


5-6                Alaska Airmen's Assoc. 10th Alaska State Aviation Trade Show & Conference, FedEx Maintenance Hangar,
Ted Steven's Anchorage  Intl. Airport. 

11-13             Valdez May Day Fly-In & Airshow   Bush plane competition and Airshow.  For more information please contact the VCVB @ 835-2984


12                BIG LITTLE PLANE PULL!, a fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sister, FedEx Hangar, TedStevens Anchorage International Airport - Have you got what it takes?  Pull your weight to benefit.  Teams are needed!  Contact BBBS at 263-2064 or Stephanie Monahan at smonahan@bbbs-anchorage.org.


15-17            Alaska Aviation and Volcano Ash Workshop - UAA Aviation Technology Center - Two sessions focusing on Volcanic Ash and Aviation in Alaska.  For more information contact Duane Carpenter (907) 271-5127 or .


19                7th ANNUAL KENAI PENINSULA AIR FAIR - Visit www.kenaiairport.com for more information.


                   Flying Companion Seminar, Mat-Su Chapter of the 99's, Mat-Su Community College.  For information visit www.ak99s.org.

23                June/July Transponder Deadline - Submit your FREE member classifieds to

23-24            Alaska Airports Conference, UAA Wendy Williamson Auditorium and the Lucy Cuddy Center - Open discussion of issues critical to the successful development and management of all airports in Alaska.  For more information contact Dave Smith, Conference Coordinator, UAA at 752-7241 or

31                    An event to Honor Alaskan Aviation pioneer, Betty Hickok Bacon.  Sponsored by the Alaksa 99's and the Professional Women Controllers, you are invited to join them at a reception from 5:30-7:00pm at the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum.  For more information contact Pat Bening, 242-8594.



4-15                Red Flag Alaska Major Exercise - SUAIS information is available at www.elmendorf.af.mil.           

11                   Pubic Meetings - June 11, 2007  CITY OF ALEKNAGIK FLOAT PLANE DOCK FEASIBILITY STUDY, 1:00pm meeting with Pilots/Lodge Operators, 6:00pm Open to General Public at the Aleknagik Traditional Council Community Building.  Dowl Engineers has been hired to conduct this study.  They are looking for your ideas on existing problems, possible sites and factors to consider in developing a floatplane facility.  For more information, 842-5953

16-21st           CANCELLED    Alaska Airmen's Demonstration Flight from Provideniya to Anadyr - For those aircraft wanting to join this flight from Nome to Provideniya, visit our website at www.alaskaairmen.com and click on Russia VFR Route B369.

22                    Annual Midnight Sun Solstice BBQ, Fairbanks Office, 4-8pm.  Call 479-9500 for information.

23                    Alaska Airpark Fly-in, Sterling, AK  Noon - 7pm.  Call 907-260-2658 or www.alaskaairpark.com for more information.



6-7                   Mike O'Neill Memorial Dawson City Fly-in, Downtown Hotel and the Eldorado.  Join us for an Airmen's Friday evening social.  Call 479-9500 for information.

12                    Past Presidents Picnic, Airmen's Office, 4-7pm - Meet Past Presidents and members at this casual deck-side gathering.  For information, call 245-1251.

16-27                Red Flag Alaska Major Exercise - SUAIS information is available at www.elmendorf.af.mil. 

20                     Aug/Sept Transponder Deadline - Submit your FREE member classifieds to .





20                         Oct/Nov Transponder Deadline - Submit your FREE member classifieds to .





22                         Oct/Nov Transponder Deadline - Submit your FREE member classifieds to .



If you have any dates you would like to add to this calendar,  please email us at .



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