WHAT is the Alaska Airmen’s Association? The Alaska Airmen’s Association is the largest state general aviation group in Alaska. It is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization whose sole purpose is to promote and preserve aviation in our Great State. Established in 1951 as an Alaskan Corporation it is led by a volunteer Board of Directors, 10 are elected by the membership and 4 appointed Regional Directors.  We currently have 2200 members.

WHO are the Airmen?  Membership includes all pilots, student through ATP, mechanics, airline employees, aviation enthusiasts and any individual or business that has an interest in flying. Membership is open to everyone, including non-Alaska residents. Our members reside in 5 countries, 46 states, and represent members in 50 Alaskan cities and villages.

WHY should you join?  The Airmen maintain an active liaison with agencies and departments of the United States, the State of Alaska and local governments that are charged with the responsibility of regulating general aviation. Everyday we are addressing important issues such as the closure of airstrips, airspace, state leasing regulations, weather, aircraft taxing, etc. Volunteers sit on numerous committees statewide representing you and the interests of general aviation.  You also receive a substantial member benefit package when you join. The quarterly newsletter keeps you up-to-date on Association activities such as pilot safety meetings, poker runs, swap meets, banquets, and special events. Membership discounts are available around the state on fuel (up to .25 cents per gallon), aviation parts, survival equipment, labor and much more. Use your Airmen’s membership card to save!

WHERE are we?  We are headquartered at 4200 Floatplane Drive on Lake Hood, this location may be better known as the old Jim Air office across from the old Ketchum Hangar on the first commercial finger.  In April of 2005 we opened a new Northern Office in Fairbanks, 3788 S. University Avenue, East Ramp, Fairbanks Intl. Airport.  This is the Pruhs Construction hangar, between CAP and the Tower on the second floor. Stop by and visit!






**Membership in an organization that will actively represent your interests.

**Association Subscription Rates to General Aviation News

**Alaska Airmen’s Transponder and Calendar

**Free Member Classified Ad Postings on website and in the Transponder



SIGNATURE FLIGHT SUPPORT - A $.30 cents per gallon discount from their fueling trucks at Lake Hood.  This discount cannot be applied to a discount already in effect.  243-4328 or 122.95

AVIATION WHOLESALE SUPPLY - Discounts on selected GA parts and supplies.  272-4397.

SPERNAK’S - A $.15 cent discount per gallon will be given to AAAI members.  An account will be set up with your AAAI number.  272-9475.

AIRPLANE HANGARS - A 10% discount is available to members for hangar facilities.  248-6161

ALASKA USA FEDERAL CREDIT UNION - Membership privileges.  563-4567

WASH ON WHEELS - A 15% discount on services.  248-0640

TAKE FLIGHT ALASKA - 10 cents discount per gallon on fuel.  274-9943

EAGLE ENTERPRISES - 10% discount on all merchandise.  562-2331

INTL.  AVIATION SERVICES - 10 cents per gallon on in-to-plane deliveries. 243-1515

SUSITNA ENERGY SYSTEMS - 5% Discount on Iridium Phone Rentals; 5% Discount on solar panels, inverters and charge controllers.  337-1300

ACE HANGARS - Discounts on all services to AAAI members and no charge for membership.  222-3000

ALASKA PULMONARY CLINIC, LLC - A 15% discount on flight physicals (includes 1st class and transmitted EKG’s).  Dr. George L. Stewart.  274-5864

RM AIRCRAFT SERVICES - $25 Discount to members on Prop Balance.  (907) 688-2301

3D AVIONICS - 10% Avionics, Installation and electrical repairs. (907)227-5302 

GREAT CIRCLE FLIGHT SERVICES, LLC - .14 cents per gallon discount on fuel purchased at our rack price, per uplift volume category. Open 24 hours per day, all credit cards accepted. 6121 South Airport Place, #2, PH: 907-245-1232; MOB: 907-529-0715, www.greatcircleflight.com     



ALASKA AEROFUEL - A 15cent discount on the card-lock pumps.  Call 474-0061 to set up a preferred customer account. 

AIRCOM AVIONICS - 10% discount on all transponder checks and pitot static tests.  474-0100

ARCTIC AVIATION - A 5% discount on maintenance.  479-8100


TAMARACK AIR, Ltd - Discounts on selected GA parts and supplies. 479-6751




GLACIER AIRCRAFT PARTS - Located on the South end of the Palmer airstrip.  A 10% discount on everyday supplies for small aircraft.  1-800-478-7100 or 907-745-7100.

AERO WOLF LAKE HANGAR LEASING - 10% discount on float & wheel plane spaces.  907-745-2344

ALASKA AIRPLANE MAINTENANCE – 25% discount on propeller balance and weight & balance. (907) 357-7603 or (907) 232-1349 Wasilla

BEDROCK AVIATION SERVICES – 10% Discount on Super Cub Aviation Maintenance. Please have your membership card with you. 907-892-9115

3D AVIONICS - 10% Avionics, Installation and electrical repairs. (907)227-5302 



KENAI AIRPORT FUEL SERVICE/YUKON FUEL - Located north of the terminal fuel is discounted 10 cents per gallon.  283-4542.

SORENSON AVIATION - 15% Discount on banner towing, aerial advertising, flight seeing and aerial survey - 235-6420

BEAVER WORKS LLC – 5% discount on aircraft sheet metal work. Wings and flight controls. www.wingrebuilder.com



COASTAL AVIATION - A 15 cent per gallon discount from the fueling trucks and a 20 cent discount at the pumps.  789-5600

AERO FUEL SERVICES – 10 cent per gallon fuel discount AVGAS, 100LL only.  An additional 10 cents will be given if you are an AOPA  member.  Discount available in Juneau only.  1-888-AVN-FUEL or 122.95



SPECIALTY AIRCRAFT COMPANY - receive a 5% discount on your next order.  800-500-6786 or by fax  541-548-5336.

DOWNTOWN HOTEL_DAWSON CITY, YUKON, CANADA - $89.00 (Canadian) per room, free airport shuttle service.

1-867-993-5346,     http://www.downtownhotel.ca/

Puget Sound Inflatables - AquaFix 406 PLB is available at special group rate. 800-743-7238/ www.theEPIRBstore.com 



Born in the territory of Alaska, Joe spent most of his time as a boy with his dad flying and working on airplanes. Prior to the 1964 earthquake, Joe left the state and went to live in CA where he graduated with a degree in Accounting. He joined the USMC and was lucky enough to be assigned to the third operational F/A-18 squadron. After nine years he left active duty and found employment with FedEx. He is currently the FedEx Regional Chief Pilot for both the Anchorage and Los Angeles domiciles.  He owns a Husky and despite the grumblings of the Super Cub community he thinks it's a great airplane. 

An Alaska resident since 1970, Rich resides in the southwest community of Kenai where he is owner of Alaska Chinook Lodge on the Kenai River.  Rich soloed in 1968 and obtained all ratings and certificates including his CFII and A & P licenses.  Employment included positions with Wien and other airlines in and out of Alaska.  He has 23,000 hours in aircraft ranging from Cessna 150s to Boeing 747s.  He retired as a Boeing 747 Captain for Korean Airlines in 2004.  Rich flies a Twin Otter and Casa on the North Slope part-time and is a pilot with the Iditarod Air Force.  He plans to remain in Alaska, fly his Cessna 185 and become more involved in with general Aviation.

Originally from Kotzebue, Alaska, Ellen was raised in Anchorage. When she was 16 years old, the Native Corp she was a member of sent a dividend of $1,500.00. That was the beginning.  By 23 she had her Commercial, Instrument and CFI ratings.  Since 1983, she has logged 14,000 hours, 17yrs as a commercial pilot in rural Alaska.  Today she holds an ATP, multi, and CFII certificates.  Besides a career of flying bush Alaska, employment has included 6 years with the FAA and volunteers with the AASF, the AK Aviation Museum, and Challenge Alaska.  She is a nationally recognized speaker, promoting and fostering aviation to the young and old alike.  Ellen is also an author and accomplished scrimshaw artist.

TREASURER - RUDI VON IMHOF was born in Alaska and grew up in Girdwood.  He holds a BA degree in Business Administration from the University of Colorado.  Fascinated with flying from an early age he loved listening to tales told by his grandfather, Frank Whaley, one of Wien Alaska Airlines very first pilots.  In ’94 Rudi obtained his private license and has accumulated over 1,200 hours of flying in the Alaska back-country in his C-185 and Supercub.  Rudi and his wife Natasha own a Real Estate Management company with multi-family housing and commercial properties in Anchorage and Fairbanks.  Rudi is also a partner and owner of Delta Leasing, a company that offers aircraft leasing and leases heavy equipment and man-camp housing to North Slope oil companies. 

ERIKA BENNETT was born in Alaska and has lived in Kodiak, Barrow, Anchorage, Kotzebue and Talkeetna.  She is married to Ross Bennett, an aircraft owner and A&P/IA mechanic.  Erika earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Public Communication from the UAA, Anchorage and worked freelance in the film and TV industry until 1996.  She obtained her private certificate in 1995 and three years later she went to work for Arctic Transportation Services in western Alaska.  Erika has worked for K2 Aviation in Talkeetna, Shared Services Aviation on the North Slope and the State of Alaska's Forestry department and has more than 6200 hours.

Bill is a World War II pilot, an aircraft owner with 63 years of flying, and has 34 years of business experience with aircraft, airfreight and related activities in the State of Alaska. Today he is an active pilot flying his deHavilland Beaver to remote fishing areas of Alaska.  He actively participates in the Airmen's sponsored Aviation Trade Show, the Medallion Foundation, was a participant in the 2004 Russia VFR flight to Providenyia, a member of QB’s, EAA (has flown over 200 Young Eagles) is a liaison with many military personnel and community leaders, is an Honorary Commander of 3 CES Engineering Squadron at Elmendorf AFB and is a member of the Civilian Advisory Board to the military in the State of Alaska.

CRAIG HARTMAN has been an Alaska resident since early childhood and spent his youth flying and fishing throughout Alaska via his father’s Cessna 185.  He obtained his private certificate during a summer break from college in 1990 and bummed the family Supercub whenever possible to build experience and seek out new fishing holes.  Ultimately, Craig secured his commercial privileges and now flies internationally for FedEx, but he spends as much of his leisure time as possible flying his Supercub. 

Erin earned her pilot license in 1996. She first came to Alaska in 1991, when her employer, Lockheed Martin, asked her to cover Alaska as part of her pacific northwest sales territory. at the time, she was living in the San Francisco area. She fell in love with Alaska, and moved to anchorage after retiring from LM in 1998. She is on the board of the Alaskan Aviation Safety Committee, an organization in which she has been involved since 2000. A volunteer for the Iditarod every year, she helps run their sales tables at race headquarters. Her expertise is in financial matters, investments, budgets, spreadsheets, annual reports, and long term financial strategizing.

An Anchorage resident since 1971, George received his pilot license in 1981 and has his commercial, instrument, CFI, Commercial Glider, SEL, SES ratings.  From 1972 to December of 2005 he was a Senior Aviation Medial Examiner for FAA and served an aviation safety counselor during that time.  He currently sits on the Medallion Flyer Program Advisory Council and frequently teaches classes and seminars on Human Factors in Aviation and Aerospace Safety and Aerospace Physiology. George holds academic appointments with Texas A&M, Embry Riddle and UAA Aviation Technology and is a member of many professional medical and aviation associations.

John has been a resident since 1963 and has held a pilots license since 1957 with helicopter, fixed-wing, instrument, seaplane, CFI and A&P ratings.  Upon leaving the Army he flew commercially in Alaska, both fixed and rotor wing. In 1971 he was the prime organizer for AKARNG aviation program serving as a State Aviation Officer until retirement in 1982.  He has 10,000 plus hours; 8500 Alaskan.  Now retired, John is a life member and past president to the Association.

Petra came to Anchorage in 2001 to fulfill a life long dream of living in Alaska, raise her kids, and absorb herself in the aviation community.  In her prior life, she was an emergency room physician in Washington State for 15 years, then a medical director (flight surgeon) for Delta Air Lines in Salt Lake City.  Currently she has a practice as Aviation Medical Examiner.  Petra is an active member and past vice-president of the local Alaska Chapter 99's.  She is a frequent speaker at aviation forums in the state, and regularly writes an aeromedical column in the Transponder.  She also has an interest in commercial space travel.  She flies a Christavia, a tail wheel homebuilt

FELIX MAGUIRE - Legislative and Government Affairs Chair  
After flying fighter and transport aircraft around the world Felix came to Alaska in 1974 on a diplomatic exchange between the USAF and the Royal Air Force.  In 1980 he was hired as Chief Pilot for Alascom Inc. setting up and administering the flight department.  As an advocate for Alaska aviation he is a regular presenter at aviation Safety Seminars in Anchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks.  Felix is currently employed as chief pilot for ACS and operates a Citation 560 with over 10,000 Alaska time. 


ADAM WHITE - Northern Region
Adam grew up in Georgia, where his first real job as a kid was washing and refueling airplanes at the local airport, within a short time he was a mechanic's apprentice and flying whenever he could.  Adam came to Alaska in 1995 after earning a BS in Aviation Technology from LeTourneau University where he also earned his pilot and mechanic certificates.  He holds CFII, Multi, and Seaplane ratings.  Living in Nenana with his wife and three daughters, he is an Itinerant Pastor flying his Maule M7 throughout the Interior visiting homesteads, fishcamps and Villages.  Adam is actively involved in the aviation community of Fairbanks and the Interior, he looks forward to increasing the Northern Region's presence in the Alaska Airmen's Association.

DICK ROUNTREE - Southeast, Juneau  
Dick has lived in Alaska since 1948. His interest in aviation began with flight lessons at Merrill Field in 1953. Dick worked for Pacific Northern Airlines as a fueler/mechanics helper in Juneau from 1957-58. In 1958 he entered worked for AK ARNG as an aircraft mechanic/crew chief.  He progressed through the ranks and held the position of Director of Administrative Services Division, Department of Military & Veterans Affairs. Upon retirement in 1987, Dick started Aero Services, Inc. in SE Alaska.  He retired in March 2003. Dick has always had an interest in aviation and worked in flight support for many years with a special interest in quality control and overall aviation safety. He has been co-chair of the SE Alaska Air Show organization since its inception and has helped put on some very successful air shows. 

WILL JOHNSON - Western Alaska
Will Johnson started flying after finishing high school, and moved to Alaska in 1986 to fly commercially out of Bethel and Dillingham.  He is presently the Director of Operations for the Yuut Yaqungviat flight school in Bethel, which trains local pilots to fly in Alaska.  He knows the utility of small aircraft and is dedicated to keeping flying as enjoyable, affordable, safe and accessible as possible.  Will and his family have fun flying to remote lakes and rivers in their Cessna 206 floatplane.





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